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Gillian Schultz, Partner, The Safe Lady

Gillian Schultz, is the majority owner and a partner of Metronet Integration, Inc. You will be assured of her dedication to your system because of her extensive business experience, including 40 years successful management, marketing and sales.

She has a passion and dedication to serving her clients with the highest degree of excellence. She’s known for her integrity, professionalism, attention to detail and caring style.

Metronet Integration is a Woman Owned Business

The Safe Lady

Aptly referred to by many clients as The Safe Lady, Gillian has an extensive knowledge of safes and security, built over a period of more than thirty years. Her knowledge spans safe manufacturing processes, performance testing, insurance company requirements, location limitations and client needs. The process of selecting a safe can be somewhat overwhelming. When buying a safe, it’s easy to make the wrong choice when you don’t have the knowledge to determine the differences between the hundreds of safe that are available.

Gillian takes the guesswork out of the process. She will work with you to gain an understanding of the range of valuables you need to protect. Taking this and her understanding of home and office construction, she will ensure that you have the right safe. One that will be in the best place and that is extremely easy to use, so that you always put your valuables where they are secure. You'll never leave things out because you “just don't have time”.

Gillian will make sure you have the right safe. Call her today - 312 781 0045.


Gillian is a long time member of National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and of the Women's Jewelry Association (WJA). She has served as president of the Chicago Area Chapter of NAWBO and of WJA Midwest. She served on the WJA national board of directors for over ten years and was Chair of the Scholarship and Grant Programs. She continues to serve on the NAWBO Chicago Board of Directors as Interim Director for Corporate Partner Affairs. She is also a member of The Chicago Jewelers Association (CJA) and The West Loop organization (WLCO).

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