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Protect your documents from the ravages of fire and your cash, negotiables, precious jewelry, stamp, coin or other collections from criminals. You need the security and convenience that comes with a properly designed and located safe.

Documents such as Birth Certificate, Passport, Mortgage, Citizenship. Valuables such as Jewelry, Cash, Bonds, Hairloom Pieces.

Can you put your hands on your valuables quickly and easily? In the event of damage or complete loss, are they even replaceable?

Metronet Integration offers a wide variety of safes and vaults for all risks in residential and commercial applications.

U.L. listed 2-hour fire resistant. Includes burglary resistance.

Moderate values - Fire UL1812 UL rated 2-hour & impact

  • Burglary resistant safes for home and office. 
  • Safes for guns and rifles.
  • Fire resistant safes and files for paper records or computer data.
  • Depository drop safes for cash handling.
  • Wall safes to hide small amounts.
  • UL burglary rated composite and alloy cast safes for a high level of resistance to extensive criminal attack using tools, torches, explosives. TL15, TL30, TL30x6, TRTL30x6
  • Vault doors for safe rooms.

Sizes range from less than one cubic foot, up to bank size walk-in-vaults.

U.L. burglary rated TL30 (composite with fire resistance)
Safe rooms, large volumn cash and valuable storage
When space for a safe is the greatest concern Document protection
Cash handling - deposits and withdrawals
The height of convenience. Super easy to use, instant locking when door shuts, no batteries to change

Medium risks - Burglary CE2518 UL rated TL30

U.L. burglary rated TRTL30x6 (with fire resistance)

Metronet uses the Kaba Mas electronic lock on most of its safes - lock activates as soon as the door is shut. Clients love it - no batteries, easy to use - total peace of mind.

Wallsafe WS1214

Firesafe FS149

Depository DSC2714

Whether you need to protect a small amount of cash and a few possessions or a million dollars worth of precious metal and gemstones, we will recommend the right safe for the task.  We’ve been doing just that for our clients for the past 30 years.

There are hundreds of models and sizes. How to choose the best safe for you and not make a mistake? Call for a personal review to ascertain the best safe for your specific situation and budget.

Ask about our special lock and jewelry organizer options for safes.

Vault door into safe room

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Highest risks - Burglary ST5526 UL rated TRTL30x6