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Jack Schultz, Principal, Design Engineer

Design Engineer - Jack Schultz

Jack Schultz is chief Design Engineer and partner. An electronics engineer with extensive business experience, Jack draws on over 30 years successful system design as well as an extensive knowledge of equipment and its capabilities, how systems work, building construction and location aesthetics. His knowledge is coupled with his passion and dedication to serve his clients with the highest degree of excellence.

Obtaining the very best environment at home or in your office can be fun, rewarding and at times a little overwhelming. Trust Jack to help make it one of the most positive experiences of your life!

The very first step is understanding the experience you want to achieve. Jack then designs the most appropriate system to create those results and effects, incorporating equipment he has rigorously researched and evaluated. This ensures that all components of a system meet Metronet's standards for quality, performance, reliability, cost effectiveness, ease of use and, when appropriate, acceptability by specifying authorities such as your insurance company.

Jack's mission is to make sure you receive just the right system - one that not only meets your budget requirements, but will also provide the environment you love to be in. He knows that his job is not done until you feel completely comfortable with your decision. Jack will work with you step by step throughout the process, providing valuable information on how things work, pricing, and many other helpful resources. Frequent ongoing communication during a project is incredibly important, and Jack's clients regularly indicate this is one of the things they appreciate in their relationship with Jack and his staff. He will be there, not only during the design & implementation of the system, but for as long as you have questions or need assistance.

Jack has helped manufacturers bring new audio video and security technologies to the forefront of the industry and has spoken about security and technology in several different forums. He worked for many years in the Burglary Protection & Signaling Department at Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. and was on their safe attack team testing safes and vaults from all over the world for resistive capabilities. He also served with the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association to develop an accredited training program for security system installation and service technicians and was a Certified Instructor for the program. Jack is an electronics engineer, CEDIA certified designer & licensed electrical contractor.

Jack’s expertise forms the basis for the selection of all products Metronet recommends to clients.

Jack is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. As a systems designer, very few people know the extent he does. If you work with Jack on a project from the start, for your home or business, you will have a system that works.  Israel L., Chicago

I totally respect Jack’s technical know how and his commitment to keep up with ever changing technologies.                        Christopher F., Lakeshore Drive, Chicago, IL

CEDIA Certified Designer