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Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. Environmental Consciousness. Green Living.

If you want to incorporate some element of ‘green living’ into your home or business, Metronet has a variety of solutions to help you.

From energy efficient products to environmental control systems, we have you covered.

Whether you want to lead the way in energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint or enjoy tax credits and cost reduction, Metronet is ready to design a system that will work for you.

Through an energy consumption analysis we can ascertain the real cost of your appliances and lifestyle. Then we will help you make changes that will result in significant cost reductions while you continue to enjoy your environment. No hassle and no sacrifices.

Make your home or business comfortable and green by conveniently adjusting your lights and temperature from any place you happen to be - another room or another country!

How would it be to wake up to the perfect temperature while your lights gradually turn on and your favorite music plays over your bedroom speakers. Metronet will design a system with Control4 technology so you’ll always get up on the right side of the bed.

Put your home to bed with the touch of a button. We’ll ensure your Control4 system automatically adjusts your temperature to its nighttime setting, turns off all the lights and arms your security system.  We’ll also help you save money on your utilities by setting your lights to turn off automatically when a room is unoccupied for a certain amount of time.

Control4 lighting dimmer

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficient products and systems that will reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint are a strong focus of Metronet’s continuous research.

This site will be adding more valuable information and products in the future.