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We have excellent, cost effective and simple solutions for control of your electronic systems. Whether your home is simple or elaborate, expansive or compact.

If you’re building new, expanding or remodeling existing, or creating an energy efficient home, we’ve probably created a system like you’re looking for and have the experience to best create a unique system that will meet your lifestyle and budget.

And when you want audio throughout your home and absolutely don’t want the aesthetic design compromised by visible speakers and other equipment and certainly not by ugly wiring, Metronet has wonderful solutions just for you. Effective, elegant, invisible.

Entry to fully integrated home
Invisible speakers - no compromise to location aesthetics.

New home - traditional style

Whatever your style, your design should not be marred with visible speakers.

Rehab condo - designer custom finishes

Michigan residence with all the benefits of energy efficiency and complete systems controls

New home - custom designed for green living

When you want your electronic equipment and controls hidden away, Metronet will make sure it’s handled - well organized, no ugly wiring, easy to access, easy to control. We put just one remote in your hands.

Whatever your system includes, we'll make sure you have an easy to use remote control.
Theater & whole house entertainment systems get their own, temperature controlled, closet.
Even the equipment room in the basement deserves neat, well organized wiring & control set up.
Equipment rack resides in cabinet with touch spring loaded door to complete the bookmark panelled wall. Hidden in plain sight!